Money is most important part of one’s life. If you got stuck in middle of the month at that point of time payday same day come in front to help you. You can meet your emergencies with the help of these loans. These loans are suitable for a salaried person who cannot be able to meet both ends of month.


Urgent loans are fabricated for unexpected and unavoidable circumstances and offer cash within few hours before your salary and you can repay when you receive your monthly pay. Payday same day offers to all kind of borrowers like those who are facing the problem of bad credit like arrears, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy, defaults etc. these loans do not involve any credit check. Here, pledging of collateral is also not required. The loan amount is ranging from £500 – £1500 with the repayment tenure of 14 to 31 days. For quick and simple application avail online with your all desired info. Your loan will get approved in few hours and get cash within 24 hours. Faxing of documents is not done.

Payday same day are unsecured by nature. These loans are short term loans too. Tenants can also apply these loans. It doesn’t bother the applicant is bad creditor or not, if he is a bad creditor then also he can avail these loans which is crafted for the borrowers for their emergency. In fact any homeowner who does not wish to stake his assets can also go for these loans. So, people with urgent need of money, apply now!


To catch same day loans in your hand fulfill few essential things like.

o You must attain the age of 18 years.
o You must have valid bank account of 3 months.
o You must be self employed from 6 months with regular income of £1000.
o You must have permanent residential address from past 1 year and must be citizen of UK.




Urgent financial emergencies may arise at any point of time. This fact is important that you need to learn to handle them with care and presence of mind. In such a case, instant loans offer the best way to take you out from that trouble.

Through these loans, the borrowers get a fast way to obtain money without pledging collateral. These are very short term credits which are approved by the lenders without the consideration of the credit history of the borrower. The borrower just has to be an adult citizen of the UK who has a regular cash inflow every month, a regular employment since the last 6 months, a regular place of residence since the last 6 months and a current bank account in the borrower’s name at least 6months old. The amount is approved for the borrower in less than 24 hours so that there is minimum delay for the borrower in fulfilling his needs.

For getting this financial assistance the borrowers are required to fill an online application with the lenders. Approval of the loans is virtually instant if all conditions are fulfilled. The borrowers can take up an amount in the range of £100-£1500 to fulfill their needs. The money can be used for any need like: car or home repairs, urgent trips, household bills, small get-togethers, credit card dues, etc.

The repayment has to be made within a period of 14-31 days. The day of repayment falls on the next salary day of the borrowers when the due amount is automatically deducted from his account. If in case, the borrowers want to extend the loan term that too can be done easily by payment of a small fee.


Payday loan websites will always remain the most convenient option for those wishing to secure a payday loan, though traditional payday loan stores have tried, with some success, to gain ground on payday loan sites by offering customers the option to fax their information in. The process sounds simple – without having to come into the store, customers can fax their completed application, proof of citizenship, copy of a pay stub, and proof of a bank account (a blank check). While this sounds easy, not everybody has a fax machine, and it is not exactly a fast process, as fax machines are somewhat outdated nowadays and it could take a while for the company to receive and process your application.

While it is true that not everybody has a fax machine, let’s not be impervious to the fact that not everybody has a computer. Going into a store may be the only option, though for those who do have fax machines, faxing unquestionably provides these individuals with added convenience. Instead of driving to a store and waiting in line, a customer can simply take his/her time with an application and fax over the application and applicable documents at their leisure.

The problem with this is that the process could be just as slow as going in person, for the aforementioned reasons. In the past, we have observed that employees at payday loan stores are not so quick to process fax applications, which begs the question: “If it’s going to take a while to get my loan processed after faxing it, why not just go in person?” Probably the most important thing to understand is that you will not get your money any quicker if you fax – you will just have the convenience of not having to apply in person.


Do you need cash urgently to cater to some sudden fiscal needs like car repair, medical emergency, home improvement or rent? Go for same day cash. This is a short term credit offered for small financial needs. This finance is designed to cater to some unexpected expenses of life.

In order to fetch this credit, you have to provide some personal details that include, your age proof, income proof and social security number, etc. These loans are fax free and there is no credit check or evaluation of your collateral involved. Hence the approval of this finance is quick and the money is credited to you within the same day of application.

This fiscal aid requires you to fulfill some pre-requisites which are:

1. You should be a citizen of the UK, aged at least 18 years.

2. You shall be in a regular job for at least six months, with a monthly salary of minimum £1000.

3. You should have a valid checking account, at least three months old.

4. You shall be living under the same address for at least last 3 months.

You can use the availed finance for paying off unexpected medical bills, car repair bills, travel expenses, grocery bills, rent, outstanding debts and pending debts. You can extract money ranging from of £100 to £1,500 with the help of these loans. The repayment term of the credit availed ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. Herein, interest rates are slightly high, as the credit is offered for a short term.